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Awesome IPv6 Calculator!!!

Here is a link to a great IPv6 calculator:

What I really like about this calculator is the fact that when you type in a full blown IPv6 address it shows you the compressed version of the IPv6 address provided. Really cool. Download & enjoy 🙂

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DHCP Server Redundancy using Cisco Routers!!!

In order to build resiliency in your network you absolutely have to have redundant DHCP LAN servers. You can use your Cisco routers or switches as DHCP servers to provide this capability. Here is a simple topology:

(Click on the Picture Below to Enlarge)

In the above diagram we have two core (CORE_1 and CORE_2) routers acting as a single gateway via HSRP. We have our DHCP ranges defined as follows… CORE_1 is serving IPs in the following range –> through and CORE_2 is serving IPs in the following range –> through Remember we can’t use (Network Address) and (Broadcast Address).

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